Sauna in South Tyrol at the Wellness Hotel Völser Hof - Adults Only

Have a sauna in the Garden Hotel Völser Hof

Sauna in South Tyrol - Enjoy a piece of Scandinavian lifestyle in the middle of the Alps. The term "sauna" comes from Finnish and means something like "room made of wood".

Taking a sauna with subsequent cooling down in our Kneipp pool strengthens the immune system, relaxes the muscles and has numerous physiological effects: blood pressure drops, circulation and metabolism are stimulated, the immune system is strengthened and breathing is activated. Taking a sauna stimulates your senses and provides a new physical well-being in every aspect.

In our sauna in South Tyrol in the Wellness Hotel Völser Hof we celebrate the Finnish sauna culture, therefore our entire sauna area is a nude zone for adults only.

Honestly: after an eventful hiking or skiing day in South Tyrol's mountains, is there anything better than a pleasant sauna session? Complete relaxation, please.

Our sauna area is open from 4 p.m. to 8 p.m.



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