The "hay bath of Völs" at the Völser Hof

The "Völser hay bath", a famous cure at Völs am Schlern 

From early times, peasants knew of the invigorating and healing effect of hay from the Seiser Alm. At an altitude of some 2,450 metres, Europe\'s largest high pasture is an ideal natural habitat for herbs such as lady’s mantle, Alpine wormwood, arnica, thyme, cinqufoil, gentian, etc., containing the valuable essential oils that are released in the Völser hay bath.

The Völser hay bath is effective in purging the system without producing stress, draining excess water and activating cells, while rebalancing and stimulating the metabolism. The body also reacts positively, especially with rheumatic complaints, arthritis, neuralgias, stress and tension. The Völs hay bath heightens your physical and mental well-being.

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