Events around the Hotel Völser Hof

Oswald von Wolkenstein Ride

The Oswald von Wolkenstein ride attracts thousands of visitors each year. It is named after the famous minnesinger who was born in 1367 in the Trostburg castle near Waidbruck. He was a bon viveur who made many journeys as adviser and companion to emperors and kings. His final residence was the Hauenstein Castle near Seis, which today tells its story on the “Oswald von Wolkenstein Way”.

In 1983 a riding tournament in honour of the great man was held for the first time; since then the number of visitors has increased year on year. Beginning at the Trostburg Castle, riders from all over the region try out their skills at the Kofel in Kastelruth, the Labyrinth in Seis, the Völser Weiher lake, ending up at Prösels Castle. The riding tournament also features a parade, a large festival and activities with a medieval theme.

The Völs “Kuchlkastl”

For the 36th time this October in Völs am Schlern can be heard the refrain: “The ‘Kuchlkastl’ time is here”. The enthusiasm of the restaurateurs in Völs has created a fine reputation with gourmets and connoisseurs as a result of their culinary initiative, whose fame has now spread far beyond the regional borders. The “Kuchlkastl” is a celebration of local foods, with venerable recipes forming the basis for the selection of dishes. Head chefs face the challenge of adapting their creations to the time available, while at the same time emphasising the origins with fine ingredients. Autumn in Völs sees some very special dishes being served up!

Kastelruther Spatzen Festival

Every year, the famous folk music group from Kastelruth is celebrating the “Kastelruther Spatzen Open Air” in June, while the “Kastelruther Spatzen Fest” takes place in October. Guests include numerous famous musicians from the folk scene.

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