Prösels Castle

According to the inscription above the outer castle gate, the imposing, at the time state-of-the-art castle was largely extent completed in 1517 under Leonhard of Völs. Prösels Castle subsequently underwent few structural changes. After the death of the last owner, Alois Mathá, at the end of 1978, a group of interested persons came together in 1981 to create the “Kuratorium Schloss Prösels GmbH” (Curatorship of Prösels Castle). Following restoration works in 1982, the curators breathed new life into Prösels Castle. The summer months see numerous cultural events taking place here, such as concerts, exhibitions and theatre performances, as well as guided tours.

The Gardens of Trauttmansdorff Castle

Visitors are charmed by the unusual variety to be found in the Gardens of Trauttmansdorff Castle. The most popular attraction in South Tyrol, located on the eastern outskirts of Meran, they contain over 80 varied garden landscapes from all over the world on an area of 12 hectares. Trauttmansdorff Castle is also home to the “Touriseum”, which tells the story of tourism in South Tyrol, and a permanent exhibition about the Empress Sissi, the castle’s most famous guest. Open from April to the beginning of November.

Seminars on wine and sensory systems in the dark: blind testing in the sensorium

70% of what we perceive is via our eyes. If we cannot see anything, our other senses become more active: hearing, feeling, smelling and tasting. Tasting wines in complete darkness is a fascinating and intensive experience. Our staff, knowledgeable about wine and used to the dark, will carefully guide you during your time in the blind-tasting sensorium, where you can develop your senses and extend your knowledge of wine.

The “Pflegerhof” organic herbal farm

The “Pflegerhof” is a small farm located below Seis am Schlern on a steep slope near the hamlet of St. Oswald. Farmer’s wife Martha Mulser has, together with her children, dedicated herself to the cultivation of herbs and with much hard work and skill has grown and dried herbs to make into teas, herbal cushions and herbal salt. The show garden, a fascinating attraction, contains over 200 herb species and is a paradise of scents, aromas and colours. The products are sold in the farm shop.

The “Zu Plun” schnapps distillery

On the Plunhof farm, established in the 14th century, schnapps has long been made, probably for the farmers’ own consumption. The current owner, Florian Rabanser, is a talented distiller in his own right, having gained the knowledge required from specialists at home and abroad. Only the finest raw materials – in particular organically cultivated fruit – are selected for the mash and left to mature. Finally, fruit brandies – “pure and genuine” – are distilled in the wood-fired copper boiler. As an old “state distilling law” limits the farm to producing 300 litres a year, quality has priority over quantity. The schnapps matures for another year following the double distillation procedure before it is bottled. The Plunhof’s balsamic vinegar is also unique.

Hans Pattis – the village artist

The Völs artist Hans Pattis has discovered a special form of the plastic arts for himself: With his fine feeling for wood, his love for the mountain landscape and his respect for untamed nature, he breathes new life into weathered and apparently worthless branches. You can visit him in his studio in the village centre and form your own impressions of his unique art. The Völser Hof Garden Hotel also contains some of his unmistakable works.

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